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MRS takes customer experience very seriously and want our interaction with you to be positive. But don’t take our word for it.

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  • I recently paid a bill with you guys and I spoke with Deborah C. She was incredibly nice, patient, understanding and informative. I know that debt collection is a hard business and customers are typically difficult to deal with, so I think it speaks to her as a person for being so positive and easy to work with.

    Kareena D.

    Telecom customer
  • Dear Ms. Brown, thank you for your help with the payments. It gives me a chance to get back on my feet. Your kindness and professional courtesy is much appreciated.

    Rod S.

    Auto customer
  • Thank you to Juan V. for not making me feel like a deadbeat, as many other agencies have. I have been dreading this call, but your team’s professionalism and courtesy not only made this a quick call, but actually pleasurable (as can be when dealing with debts). No pressure to make payments I couldn’t afford. Thank you again!

    Norman H.

    Credit card customer
  • Thank you to I wanted to give feedback on my customer experience today. The agent that I worked with was Shannon R. I have had many experiences with debt collectors that were extremely unpleasant. Shannon was friendly and kind and spoke to me like a regular person. She was very informative on my options for paying my debt. I want to express how much I appreciate this experience with a collections representative. She showed compassion for my situation and put me at ease. We need more friendly people like Shannon. This was the best experience I’ve had with a collections company. Thank you!

    Kayla P.

    Automotive customer
  • Thank you to Good morning, I’d just like to express my thought toward the job well done by Bree. She was very professional and courteous throughout the entire process. I just hope this will help her in your evaluation of her work performance. Thanks for receiving this, and have a great day!

    Donald P.

    Loan customer
  • Thank you to I just wanted to commend Jerry G. for how great he is at his job. He is willing to answer all questions and is so patient. I wanted to pass my satisfaction on to you. He is a pleasure to work with and is very personable and helpful.


    Banking customer
  • Thank you to Just a note of praise for Lynette J – She has restored my faith in {Client}. The dealership we dealt with did not live up to their word. This charge should have been paid by them, as promised during the negotiation of our new car. Thank you for your professionalism, Lynette.


    Automotive customer
  • Thank you to I would like to thank MRS BPO LLC company for their wonderful staff who were very polite and caring, especially Miss TF. The way she spoke to me, if I was in the position, I would have paid my amount because of her.

    Jane D.

    Credit customer
  • Thank you to I’d like to recognize Rocco M, who is amazing. He is so happy and upbeat, so early in the morning and his call was a nice way to start the day. He even took the time to wish me a happy birthday. What a pleasant surprise!


    Credit customer
  • Thank you to Tanika did a wonderful job handling me as a customer. She deserves a pay raise! Thank you so much. This was the best customer service rep experience ever. A+.

    Jacob M

    Credit customer
  • Thank you to I just want to tell you that Patricia R was wonderful on the phone; she was extremely professional and very nice.


    Automotive customer
  • Thank you to I just wanted to say how impressed and I happy I was with the service I received from Scotty. He was caring and patient and helped me find the best financial solution to satisfy my debt. His customer service skills are more than skills, it was easy and real. Thank you Scotty. You made a stressful situation easy and doable. You rock!

    Gloria W

    Telecommunications customer

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