compliance as a strategy

MRS represents your brand with an equal focus on customer experience and KPIs

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Brands Partner with MRS Due to Our Best-In-Class Performance Results and Quality/Audit Scores

Our facilities employ the most state-of-the-art telephone, data and voice analytics, information sharing, and security software that is available on the market

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An MRS Agent Calls a Customer with Care, Compassion, and Respect

Since 1991, we’ve had a track record of best-in-class business controls and a deeply ingrained culture of customer service. All of our agents undergo rigorous training in the care/cure approach to collections, ensuring that they treat all of our customers with the utmost compassion and respect. Companies rest assured that our agents will represent their brands in a way that they will be proud of, while continuing to successfully and effectively recover debts.

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We do not want our clients to like MRS; we want them to be raving fans. We bring a commitment to excellence in everything we do.

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