MRS Is a Leading Agency In Auto Client Partnerships

Best-in-class Performance Results and Quality/Audit Scores

Auto Deficiency

MRS is the premier automotive collection agency in United States. Our clients include almost every major automotive captive, banks, auto creditors, and debt buyers throughout the United States. Our auto first party servicing department provides best-in-class roll rates and quality for some of the largest lenders in the country.

First Party

  • We place a premium on protecting your brand
  • Customer first cure / care focus

First Party

  • Can work on your system and/or dialer or provide a hybrid solution
  • Bilingual (Spanish) capabilities

Third Party

  • Primary through quintenary streams
  • Prime and sub-prime
  • Analytics models and scoring designed to maximize recoveries
  • Specialized auto deficiency training program
  • Varied treatment strategies tailored to the nature and age of the debt and customer base

Third Party

  • Our multi-channel approach includes:
    • Agent Solutions
    • Virtual Agent Solutions
    • Self Service Portals
    • Letters and Email
    • Web and Chat
    • Text

MRS services over $2 billion of annual auto deficiency placements and end-of-term balances, half of which is sub-prime!

The Roadmap to MRS’s Success in Auto Deficiency Recovery

The Roadmap to MRS’s Success in Auto Deficiency Recovery


Analyzing data and trends to make the invisible visible

Client Service

Our clients are “Raving Fans”


Always do the right thing, even when no one is looking

Best-in-class results

Everyone is accountable for great performance and everyone wins when it’s achieved

Compliance and Security

Comprehensive compliance and world class security to protect our clients’ brands and customers’ information and privacy

Call quality & customer experience

Our rewards driven quality assurance incentive program ensures flawless CX


One of the most comprehensive programs in the collection industry